To promote the inclusion of all abilities through youth sports by focusing what's possible and not the limitation.    

Team IncludeAbility will provide the expertise for Race Directors, Coaches and Teachers to put IncludeAbility in action.


IncludeAbility comes from the inspiration of Trace and Jennifer's son Anthony who has Down syndrome.  It has been the inclusion in sports that has allowed Anthony to have fun competing with his peers and growing physically, socially and intellectually.  


Coaches and youth leaders initiating our Guiding Principles to benefit all and inspire many.

Race Directors IncludeAbility certified;  Imagine the starting line at a 5K lined with kids of ALL abilities and multiple kids in wheelchairs pushed by kids making their dreams come true.

Our shared videos will inspire the world of the value of IncludeAbility.


GuiDing Principles

  1. Inclusion: Including all
  2. Integrity: Helping others who may be different
  3. Leadership:  Courage to do what’s right
  4. Compassion: Love Unconditionally
  5. Empathy:  Respect and accept differences
  6. Believing: Anything is possible
  7. Power of One: Change starts with you

Kids Helping Kids

Everyone wins with IncludeAbility.  Providing kids the opportunity to use their talents to help those who need a push, encouragement or be included.


Winning at Life

Coaches believe IncludeAbility teaches their kids how to win on and off the field.